Alumni Spotlight – Alyssa Drapeau BS ’15, MBA ’16

Alumni Spotlight – Alyssa Drapeau BS ’15, MBA ’16

Alumni Spotlight – Alyssa Drapeau

Degrees: Sports, Entertainment and Event Management '15 & MBA '16

Any Family Updates: No kids yet but I did get married to another JWU alum (Stefen VonDassel '16) on March 6th, 2020, right before the country went on lockdown! 

Current Occupation: Senior Strategic Meetings & Tradeshow Manager at The CM Group located in Hingham, Mass.. (I work remotely full time, though, from Orlando, FL)

Job Responsibilities: I assist clients with the planning and execution of their annual trade shows and meetings by providing logistical support. This includes booking travel for attendees, building & managing event registration sites, vendor & contract management, and much more!

How did JWU help prepare you for your current position?: JWU offers so many hands-on experiences. I was able to participate in a few Directed Work Experience classes over the years that allowed me to actually plan events prior to graduating. That helped me not only get a job right after graduation because I had experience, but it allowed me the opportunity to sharpen my skills as an event planner so I have been able to advance quickly at my company. Being a student-athlete also gave me the foundation as a competitive, self-motivated, driven person which allows me to achieve much success within my current role supporting clients.

Favorite JWU memory(ies): One of my favorite memories at JWU was pre-season. As a fall sport we always got to come back to campus a few weeks early and just play volleyball all day without any classes or homework. Although physically it was hard to have practices 2-3 times a day, it was a great bonding experience staying in the dorms with my teammates, eating every meal with teammates, and getting to meet other fall student-athletes that were on campus early for pre-season.

Advice for current student-athletes: Take advantage of every opportunity that you can that JWU offers. Even if you are unsure about an opportunity, just give it a try. By being involved in different things you learn so much about yourself and also get to meet so many different people around campus. Also, enjoy every moment as well because it goes by so quickly and you will wish you could go back!