Women’s Tennis Rolls Past Bridgewater State 9-0

Women’s Tennis Rolls Past Bridgewater State 9-0

BRIDGEWATER, Mass. – The Johnson & Wales University women's tennis team got back on the winning track Tuesday. The Wildcats went on the road to blank Bridgewater State, 9-0.

The win improved the Wildcats' record to 3-1 while the Bears fell to 2-0.

Johnson & Wales started the day by taking all three doubles matches. At number two, the team of Claire Parry and Drew Bobey didn't drop a single game. Victoria Pizzulo and Lily Votta were next off the court with their 8-4 win at number three and Delaney Macchirole and Kourtney Moore completed the sweep by winning 8-4 at number one.

Weather limited singles to a single pro-set format. Bobey was the first singles winner as she prevailed 8-0 over Emily McGrath at number five. Macchirole wrapped up the team victory with her 8-0 win at number three over Rachel Tarantino.

The Wildcats are back on the road Thursday to take on UMass Dartmouth at 3:30 p.m.

Johnson & Wales 9, Bridgewater State 0
Sep 11, 2018 at Bridgewater Mass.

Singles competition
1. Claire Parry (JWU) def. Emma Willis (BSU) 8-0
2. Lauren Torre (JWU) def. Olivia Sweeney (BSU) 8-2
3. Delaney Macchirole (JWU) def. Rachel Tarantino (BSU) 8-0
4. Kourtney Moore (JWU) def. Angelique Gray (BSU) 8-0
5. Drew Bobey (JWU) def. Emily McGrath (BSU) 8-0
6. Gabriela Velazquez (JWU) def. Vanessa Rosa (BSU) 8-4

Doubles competition
1. Delaney Macchirole/Kourtney Moore (JWU) def. Emma Willis/Rachel Tarantino (BSU) 8-4
2. Claire Parry/Drew Bobey (JWU) def. Madison Butkus/Angelique Gray (BSU) 8-0
3. Victoria Pizzulo/Lily Votta (JWU) Olivia Sweeney/ Vanessa Rosa (BSU) 8-6

Match Notes
Johnson & Wales 3-1
Bridgewater State 0-2

Order of finish: Doubles (2,3,1); Singles (5,3,4,1,2,6)