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Jordan Robinson Dedicates to Success on the Mat

Senior wrestler Jordan Robinson
Senior wrestler Jordan Robinson

When Jordan Robinson, a member of the Johnson & Wales University wrestling team, was choosing schools, he was looking for a balanced coaching staff that he felt comfortable with and that he could be most successful. He fell in love with the shared mentality he had with Head Coach Lonnie Morris and the long-time assistant coaching staff, as well as several classes he could take that were significant to his desired criminal justice major. It turns out, Robinson made the right choice in JWU.

Ranked a top five wrestler in Division III athletics within his weight class during the 2019 season, Robinson says that his biggest accomplishment so far has been becoming a JWU 141 All-American last season. But it hasn't come without hard work and sacrifice. During his sophomore year, Robinson admits it wasn't his best year academically. Once he noticed he was falling off track, he made changes and came back hungry for a championship. The Garfield, New Jersey native says, "Wrestling has taught and forced me to be a mentally stronger person. Cutting weight while having to train and go to class is very emotional." He explained how hard dieting is, especially in the offseason.

Currently, the senior is taking online classes and hoping for a competitive season considering how COVID-19 has impacted all sports this year. Recently, he has been looking for an internship but with the virus still very much active, it hasn't been an easy task. His focus has been online classes and concentrating on a possible wrestling season by preparing himself and his body for getting back to winning matches on the mat. Robinson concludes, "The most valuable lesson I've taken away from this sport is no matter how tough things get, having heart and dedication will lead you to your goals."

Morris agrees that Robinson has heart. "He's tough and never backs down against an opponent," he says. Morris was originally attracted to Robinson's incredible athleticism, but acknowledges it is the work he has put in to learn the sport that has made him a champion. "Before coming to JWU, he just wrestled. Now he knows how to strategize and string two to three moves together in order to beat an opponent." That combination has made Robinson a fearless individual, always ready for a challenge, which will serve him well over the upcoming months.