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Alumni Spotlight – Pete Reilly '08

Alumni Spotlight – Pete Reilly '08

Degree(s): Criminal Justice '08

Any Family Updates: Two boys, Mason who is five years old, and baby Carter who arrived during the quarantine and is now five months old. 

Current Occupation: Mortgage Broker 

Job Responsibilities: Helping people obtain a mortgage for a home purchase and refinance loans.

How did JWU help prepare you for your current position?: JWU has helped me immensely in my job, specifically in networking and communication skills. 

Favorite JWU memory(es): My favorite memories are all my days with my wrestling family. Being from New Jersey it meant so much to me to have such a strong family bond with my coaches and teammates. But specifically when we won the conference championship and having our team inducted into the JWU Hall of Fame. 

Advice for current student-athletes: I'd advise you to take risks and not be afraid to fail.  Just know that your time at JWU may only be four years, but your knowledge and the relationships you create will last a lifetime.