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#3 JWU Wrestling Beats Centenary, Falls to D1 Rutgers & Fresno State

#3 JWU Wrestling Beats Centenary, Falls to D1 Rutgers & Fresno State

PISCATAWAY, N.J – The Johnson & Wales University wrestling team was put to the test on Saturday against a pair of Division I programs. The Wildcats lost 38-5 at No. 13 Rutgers then dropped a 37-11 decision to Fresno State. The Wildcats came away with a 27-16 win over Centenary.

Senior Jay Albis was the only wrestler to win all three of his matches. He posted a 16-0 tech fall against Rutger's Shane Metzler at 125 pounds after recording a 15-0 tech fall versus Fresno State's Jeremy Trinh. The defending national champion pinned Jacy Jones of Centenary in just 1:49.

Fellow senior Khamri Thomas and junior Michael DiNardo picked up wins against Fresno State. Thomas posted a 6-0 victory against Jackson Hemauer at 184 pounds. At 197 pounds, DiNardo was a 9-8 winner over Richie Ybarra-Brandt.

Johnson & Wales was down after the first two Centenary matches, but rallied to win five of the last six contests. Thomas got JWU's first win, 10-0, over James Valley then Albis' pin put the Wildcats ahead 13-10.

Back in his home state, Nutley, NJ native Joe Ferinde posted a 21-5 tech fall over Cameron Bruffy. Freshman Da'mani Burns got his first collegiate win when he pinned Logan Long just 23 seconds into the bout.

Johnson & Wales is back in action next Saturday when they travel to the Roger Williams Invitational.

Johnson & Wales 27, Centenary 16

165: Jeremy Nurnberger (CU) dec. over Nicholas Munsch (JWU) 7-2       Centenary leads 3-0
174: Jordan Juliano (CU) md over Nick Caracappa (JWU) 17-6                Centenary leads 7-0
184: # 3 Khamri Thomas (JWU) md over James Valley (CU) 10-0            Centenary leads 7-4
197: #2 Etiini Udott (CU) dec. over #4 Michael DiNardo (JWU) 6-5           Centenary leads 10-4
285: Liridon Leka (JWU) dec. over Jerold Goodman (CU) 9-3                   Centenary leads 10-7
125: #1 Jay Albis (JWU) fall over Jacy Jones (CU) (1:49)                         JWU leads 13-10
133: Christopher Caban (JWU) dec. over Bobby Demeter (CU) 6-3          JWU leads 16-10
141: #6 Joe Ferinde (JWU) TF over Cameron Bruffy (CU) (6:15) 21-5       JWU leads 21-10
149: Da'mani Burns (JWU) fall over Logan Long (CU) (0:23)                    JWU leads 27-10
157: Chris Muce (CU) DQ over Malik Rasheed (JWU) 9-4                        JWU wins 27-16

No. 13 Rutgers 38, Johnson & Wales 5                                   
165: Stephan Glasgow (RU) MD over Nicholas Munsch (J&W), 18-7              Rutgers leads, 4-0
174: Joe Grello (RU) fall over Nick Caracappa (J&W) (1:46)                     Rutgers leads, 10-0
184: Willie Scott (RU) MD over Khamri Thomas (J&W), 12-0                    Rutgers leads, 14-0
197: Max Wright (RU) dec. over Michael DiNardo (J&W), 7-2                   Rutgers leads, 17-0
Hwt: Ralph Normandia (RU) dec. over Liridon Leka (J&W), 4-0               Rutgers leads, 20-0
125: Jay Albis (J&W) TF over Shane Metzler (RU), 16-0                          Rutgers leads, 20-5
133: No. 2 Nick Suriano (RU) fall over Christopher Caban (J&W) (1:52)    Rutgers leads, 26-5
141: Michael Van Brill (RU) dec. over Joe Ferinde (J&W), 7-2             Rutgers leads, 29-5
149: No. 2 Anthony Ashnault (RU) fall over Da'mani Burns (J&W) (1:50)   Rutgers leads, 35-5
157: No. 9 John Van Brill (RU) dec. over Malik Rasheed (J&W), 11-5       Rutgers wins, 38-5

Fresno State 37, Johnson & Wales 11
165: Brandon Martino (FS) md over Nicholas Munsch (JWU) 16-2            FS leads 4-0
174: Ricky Padilla (FS) fall over Nick Caracappa (JWU) (5:44)                 FS leads 10-0
184: Khamri Thomas (JWU) dec. over Jackson Hemauer (FS) 6-0            FS leads, 10-3
197: Michael DiNardo (JWU) dec. over Richie Ybarra-Brandt (FS) 9-8      FS leads 10-6
285: AJ Nevills (FS) fall over Liridon Leka (JWU) (4:02)                           FS leads 16-6
125: Jay Albis (JWU) TF over Jeremy Trinh (FS) (1:18) 15-0                    FS lead 16-11
133: Gary Joint (FS) TF over Stephen Nadera (JWU) (6:15) 17-2             FS leads, 21-11
141: Christopher Deloza (FS) dec. over Joe Ferinde (JWU) 8-5                FS leads 24-11
149: Khristian Olivas (FS) fall over Da'mani Burns (JWU) (0:55),              FS leads 30-11
157: Isaiah Hokit (FS) md over Malik Rasheed (JWU) 12-3                      FS wins 34-11