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Alumni Spotlight - Katie LeFort '12/'14

Alumni Spotlight - Katie LeFort '12/'14

Degree: My two very expensive pieces of paper: Bachelor of science - Criminal Justice and Master of science - Criminal Justice

Year(s) graduated: 2012/2014

Current Occupation: Just recently started my new path as a Crisis Counselor for those suffering from mental disorders and developmental disabilities in South Central LA.

Was previously working with children as an ABA therapist/registered behavior technician.

Job Responsibilities: Current job is respond to children and adults who are in crisis and provide support to them and their family members/caregivers. Provide therapy, create safety plans, and decrease any police involvement and hospitalizations. 

Notable Achievements: Staff of the year at Bradley hospital while working on the children's impatient unit as a milieu therapist. 

Moving to California with no real game plan (Job, home) and making it here still after 2.5 years.

Promoted after 6 months to lead instructor while working in ABA.

Completing my goal to run a 5k a month for 2019. 

How did JWU help prepare you for your current position: JWU helped prepare me for my current position by being able to communicate with all different people. I work with many diverse people, families, police, therapists, doctors, service coordinators and so on so knowing when and how to speak to people is very important. Working with multiple clients a day is easier due to learning amazing time management by being a student-athlete. Grad school challenged me to push my limits to what I was capable of academically. So now writing notes daily doesn't seem so bad.  

Favorite JWU memory(ies): Favorite memories are hard as the ones, especially for basketball, will mostly be memorable and acceptable to the teammates I experienced them with but kayaking freshman year before I was officially even on the team on my 18th birthday with the team and coaches was the best. Especially because Coach TJ's kayak flipped over right away.

Making the basketball team was an amazing feeling.

Meeting Becca. She became my instant best friend on the team as we were the only freshman and she ALWAYS had my back. Then she showed me California and here I am.  

When we were 2 hours late to a game at Suffolk because our bus driver kept getting stuck in snow banks in Boston while riding the grey goose lines...

Being ninja turtles on Halloween junior year and that entire night was unforgettable. Some might have forgotten though...

Working in the equipment room aka the coat room. Still keep in touch with a couple of my favorite people I met while working. First person I met back there was Metti. Couldn't really ever call it "working." Also Nick and I making the cheer squad for a night!

My entire living situation senior year with Ayla in the villagio building J... She gets it.

My senior day game. My dad made everyone shirts and sticks with my face on it. Of course it was the worst picture of me he could find. But I cried, a lot.

Being asked to be "the face of athletics" for the welcome weekend card. I'm still laughing at that experience and pictures...

Graduating, twice. Such a high to cross that stage even if the ceremonies are WAY TOO LONG. Sad for all those graduates who can't experience it this year.

Advice for current student-athletes: Take in everything. The bus rides, the practices, the drills you hate, the games, the coach's advice that doesn't have to do with the sport, the teammates, the family you build, the bad games, the great games, the injuries, the scoreboard, the fans... all of it.  

It sounds cliche but every single thing will teach you something. 

Best four years of my life being a student athlete. Don't doubt yourself because you're on the team for a reason. Even if you ride the bench, there's a starter that may need your light when the coach, or an opponent, or a bad play is starting to dim theirs.

It goes fast. Really fast. Play hard. Be efficient. And don't take anyone's crap (;


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