Alumni Spotlight - Jason Chavenson '16

Alumni Spotlight - Jason Chavenson '16

Degree – Culinary Nutrition, Food Science

Grad Year - 2016

Current Occupation - Chef, Frenchie Restaurant, in Paris, France

Family Updates (spouse and/or kids) – Just living with my girlfriend

How did JWU help prepare you for your current position? – JWU is my foundation. I spent four years, a crucial chapter of my life, making the most of my college experience. I poured my heart and soul into The Men's Tennis Team, Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, and the Culinary arts. All the lessons I learned in and out of the classroom, on and off the court, with and without my brothers, have made me the man I am today. At JWU I learned that if you dedicate yourself to something that you feel passionate about, the possibilities are endless. Its difficult to sum up the mountain of lessons I learned in my time there. I was given the platform, support system, and tools I need to succeed and pursue what drives me. What is most applicable to my current chef position, are the professional skills I gained, and even more the leadership and people skills.

Favorite JWU memory(ies) – I was just asked this the other day, and I have so many favorites, it gives me stress to pick just one. Top memories include the Tennis Team Spring Training trip to Florida, my senior year Tennis season, and a few legendary social events In Greek Life. What I would give to walk the halls on a breezy New England Fall day when everyone is back on campus and all the festivities, holidays, and comfort foods to look forward to. Or that first Spring day when everyone's energy wakes up and the sun shines on the amazing vibes at Gaebe Commons.

Advice for current student-athletes - It's a process, and you won't get the results you want overnight. Decide what it really is that you want out of your experience. Take a look inside yourself and see what it is you want to achieve. Get on the same page with your teammates about your common goal. Come together like a family, and work to make your teammates, your community, and yourself better every day. Student Athletics is a massive commitment, and it's difficult to balance all the things in your life. You have a limited opportunity right now to push the limits of yourself and others around you. Don't take it for granted. Enjoy the normal days, as much as the big ones.