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Adversity Breeds Hunger in Men’s Lacrosse Team

Midfielder Trent Ceiley
Midfielder Trent Ceiley

On March 11, 2020, the JWU Men's Lacrosse team would play the last of a short five-game season. After traveling to Nichols for a 14-11 loss, the group came back to Providence to get ready for its next game against Roger Williams. Coaches and team members would soon find out that COVID-19 would prevent them from gearing up for that game—or the rest of the 2020 season. For the six seniors on the team, it's not hard to imagine the devastation the season's end caused. 

"We were pretty upset about it," says senior midfielder Trent Ceiley. "We worked tirelessly all preseason just to have all those games ripped away from us without warning." 

With the new school year underway, new sports seasons have arrived; however, following social distancing policies set by the state of Rhode Island and the university, practices and games are looking much different this year. While some teams are still waiting for formal decisions on their seasons, the thought of not having one at all is not far from the minds of the men's lacrosse team members. According to Ceiley, even with a slow start to last year's season, the team had hopes for a winning season and postseason play. Now players must look to the future. "Everyone is planning on having a season; we're in go mode right now," Ceiley exclaims. 

After being away from the team and the field for so long, team chemistry could be a little off, but Ceiley feels it is the exact opposite with this team. "It has been tough, but this brought us together even more because we all want one thing: to play," he says. So far, workouts three times a week have kept the team in shape and game-ready. Staying connected throughout this time has been the main focus of Ceiley who says it is a necessity for this team as they look to make some noise in the upcoming 2021 season. 

The group will come into the season with an experienced team which can be a big help. However, Ceily says the main takeaway from previous seasons is, "Pushing each other to get better in workouts so it translates to games." Ceiley and his fellow teammates are hungry for live action, and if all goes well, they will get what they have been asking for. Perhaps this year's adversity will prepare them for what is to come this season.