Aaron Colaiacomo
Title: Head eSports Coach
Email: Aaron.Colaiacomo@jwu.edu

For more than a decade Aaron Colaiacomo has been playing video games at the professional level. Also known as "TheParadoxMuse", he brings a wealth of knowledge as the inaugural eSports head coach at Johnson & Wales University.

Beginning with writing articles and guides for Smogon, the largest consortium of competitive Pokemon information available, Colaiacomo transitioned his skills with the release of Super Smash Bros Brawl. He has continued to develop his knowledge of gamer, attending competitions across the northeast for Pokemon and Super Smash Bros, while completing his degree in history, biology and political science at Providence College .

In 2016, Colaiacomo began coaching and serving as an analyst with various organizations for “League of Legends”, the most popular game on the internet. He has been an analyst for teams in the OCE Challenger League, EU Challenger League, TCL, and North America Armature scenes. Colaiacomo has also worked with PC and CCRI, coaching, managing and guiding these institutions for the inclusion of eSports on their campus. 

A native of Providence, Colaiacomo also works as an instructional technologist at Providence College.