Alumni Spotlight - John Fidalgo '06

Alumni Spotlight - John Fidalgo '06

Degree: Bachelors Sports Management, Minor Psychology , Masters ( Secondary Education), Masters ( School Administration)

Graduation Year: 2006 

Current Occupation: Business Education Teacher ( Brockton High School, MA) / Head Cross Country,Track and Field Coach( Brockton High School )/ Founder and Director Brockton Youth Track Club Inc ( Non Profit Organization )

Job Responsibilities: Teach Accounting and Entrepreneurship grades 9-12 , Direct and organize all aspects ( accounting,marketing, PR, HR) of the largest non profit youth track club in New England ( 500 athletes ages 5-14 ) and @brocktontrackclub on facebook

Notable Experiences:  Coaching at the national championship for track and cross country at Brockton High School.  I love running but never expected to be coaching track over baseball. It was easier to balance coaching track/cross country with a big family than baseball. I have 3 kids ( 2 girls, 1 boy) and need to make sure that I can still be a parent first. They all love sports and running, so I can bring them with me all the time and its great! I was the Massachusetts State Track boys coach of the year in 2019 and have helped guide the team to the national championship the past 5 years in NYC. 3 years ago, I decided to start my own youth track club in Brockton. I set it up as a 501c3 Non Profit and thought maybe 75 kids would sign up. In our first year 400 athletes signed up! We are now the largest club in New England with more than 500 members. My high school team are all employed as the coaches for the younger kids so it is a win/win for everyone. Its a great way to give back to the community and help keep young kids healthy and fit ( and away from video games for a few hours). One of my first students at Brockton High, Watna Cuhna, just graduated from JWU which is really making me feel old. We still talk about how I encouraged him to wrestle for Coach Morris and do accounting at JWU!! Now Watna is coaching wrestling for Brockton High. Two JWU alumni running great programs.

How did JWU help prepare you for your current position: As a student/athlete and Sports Management major I use alot of my skills from JWU classes every day. From teaching to coaching; many of the classes in leadership, marketing, accounting, and finance have helped me create great curriculum. I always felt I wanted to pursue more of the business end of sports  management. Starting my own non profit allowed me to tap into all those skills learned in Marketing, Public Relations, and event management courses. Along the way I have tapped into my JWU network for advice, donations, and support. My JWU friends, teammates, and coaches have been, and continue to be a huge part of my life. I would be lost without them!

Favorite JWU memory(ies): Some of my favorite memories at JWU are all the nights out with the team, bus rides, southern trips, big games (game winning hit vs Suffolk in the playoffs in extra innings), and the food!! Specifically the entire JWU athletic family was incredible to be part of. Athletes of each sport and the athletic staff were genuine in the support of each other. I am still friends with not just the baseball players but the athletic staff and athletes from other sports when I was there. To many laughs to remember, but getting caught trying to sneak a few extra items past Roachie on the laundry pin was always comical and a true challenge. The time in the training room with Alan and Jillian felt like it was as routine as practice itself. Ill never forget the daily conversations and them trying to hold me down in the ice bath ( I couldnt handle it haha).

Advice for Current Student-Athletes: Find your balance of academics, social life, and sports and don't compromise your larger goals for short term victories. Be friendly and kind to everyone that makes your path to achieving goals possible. Coaches, bus drivers, athletic staff, facilities staff, Culinary staff, and teachers all played a part in my success. You won't regret saying thank you to them and getting to know them as more than just "Staff" as you go through your 4 years. This part of your life is just one chapter of a long book. Make sure its something you can look back on, be proud of, and build on. The best is yet to come!



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