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Recreational Offerings


Weekly Sweat – Tuesdays, 4-5 pm @ The Rink (15 students max)

Join JWU Director of Fitness Carlo Acquisto for a different weekly workout that will include teaching basic and advanced lifting techniques, performance based workouts, and agility training aimed to increase strength, stamina, and range of motion using various modalities including ladder drills, hurdles, box jumps, medicine ball work and more. Workouts will be conducted in circuit training pods and are limited to 15 students at a time. Advanced reservation is required. Let Carlo motivate you and lead you in a weekly sweat.  

SIGN UP - 09/29


Lawn Games

(15 students max each hour) – Wednesdays, 4-5 pm & 5-6 pm on the lawn in front of Wildcat Center (where the Wildcat statue is)

KanJam Tournament begins this week! Participants will be required to maintain 6-foot distancing and keep masks on at all times.

SIGN UP - 09/30 


Willie's Walking Trails

Aerobics Classes - postponed

Wildcat Fit Pack - postponed

20-Day Challenge - postponed

Yoga Classes - postponed

Hip Hop Dance - postponed

Global Recreation - postponed