2020 Tryout/Informational Meeting Information

2020 Tryout/Informational Meeting Information

Women's Soccer – Tryout: 9/10 @ 4:30pm & 9/11 @ 9am at the Turf Field; Email chris.flint@jwu.edu for details.

Women's & Men's Tennis –Email Coach devin.kitterick@jwu.edu for more information.

Women's Volleyball – Tryout: 8/19*. Email Head Coach nancy.somera@jwu.edu for more information.  *Subject to change due to COVID.

Men's Golf & Women's Golf – Anyone interested in Men's or Women's Golf tryouts contact Head Coach Lou Parente at lparente@jwu.edu.

Field Hockey – Tryout: 8/19*. Email Head Coach lisa.lopes@jwu.edu for more information. *Subject to change due to COVID.

Men's Soccer – Tryout: 9/2. Contact Head Coach david.kulik@jwu.edu before try-out.

Men's & Women's Cross Country – Tryout: 9/16 @ 3 pm in the Wildcat Center Lobby. Email Coach Walton at HWalton@jwu.edu for more information.

Equestrian IDA – Informational Meeting: 9/2 @ 7:30 p.m. at the Wildcat Center; Tryout: 9/4 @ 2-6 pm at the JWU Equine Center. Email: Crystal.Taylor@jwu.edu for more information.

Men's Lacrosse – Informational Meeting/Tryouts: TBA. Contact Head Coach ncoppola@jwu.edu for more information.

Baseball  Informational Meeting: 9/2 @ 7 pm. Location TBA. Email Head Coach kevin.casey@jwu.edu prior to the meeting; Tryout: 9/13, Time TBA at the baseball field.

Women's Lacrosse –Informational Meeting: TBD.  Email Head Coach Jessica.scannapieco@jwu.edu for more information.

Men's Ice Hockey – Informational Meeting TBD. Anyone interested in trying out should send an email introduction to Head Coach egraham@jwu.edu.

Wrestling – Informational Meeting/Tryouts: TBD. Email Head Coach Lonnie.Morris@jwu.edu for more information.

Softball – Informational Meeting: 9/9 @ 4:30 pm in the Wildcat Center Conference Room. Email Head Coach Kim Camara at kcamara@jwu.edu for more information. 

Women's Basketball – Tryout: Time TBA at the Wildcat Center. Email Head Coach Kimberly.Dweck@jwu.edu for more information.

Men's Basketball – Informational Meeting: TBA in the Wildcat Center. Email Head Coach Jamie.Benton@jwu.edu for more information.

Equestrian IHSA – Informational Meeting: 9/3 @ 7:30 pm wildcat Center Lounge; Tryouts: 9/5 @ JWU Equine Center from 8:00am - 12:00pm. Bus leaves Gaebe Center at 7:30am returns at 12:00. For more information, email head coach at DFogg@jwu.edu.

Men's Volleyball – Informational Meeting: TBD. Email Coach Reslow at scott.reslow@jwu.edu for more information.

Women's Ice Hockey –  Information Meeting: 9/12 @ 2:15 PM in the Wildcat Center); Tryout: 10/14 @ 2:40 pm at Lynch Arena in Pawtucket. Email KHannah@jwu.edu for more information.

Women's Rowing – Informational meeting: 9/10 @ 6 PM at the boathouse/marina.  Email david.deiuliis@jwu.edu for information.

Cheerleading/Dance Team: Tryouts for 2020 took place virtually. For additional information, email coach Cassandra.dib@jwu.edu.

JWU Football:  Informational Meeting/Tryouts: TBD.  Email Head Club Football Coach Stephen.Prew@jwu.edu for more information.

Willie the Wildcat: Saturday, September 14th from 6-9 pm. Location is kept secret and will be released 1 hour prior to tryouts via JWU email to participants who are signed up. Participants are asked to fill out the following sign-up sheet in order to attend.