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Nominations Must Be Submitted by January 8, 2018 to be considered.

Here are the criteria for selection to the Johnson & Wales Athletic Hall of Fame:

Members may be selected for outstanding achievement as:
a)  former student-athletes
b)  former coaches/administrators, etc., or
c)  exceptional impact upon the success of the athletics program at JWU.

Here are the criteria for former students:
a)  successful completion of a baccalaureate degree program at Johnson & Wales.  Those who attended JWU when it was a two-year school would have had to earn their associate’s degree.
b)  outstanding achievement in their athletic endeavors, having completed their academic career in good standing.
c)  nominees must have completed their course of studies at least five years before becoming eligible for the Hall of Fame. 

The criteria for former coaches/administrators are as follows:
a)  must have made a profound impact upon both the athletic program at Johnson & Wales and the university’s student-athletes
b)  coaching nominees must have completed their tenure for a period of five years before consideration to the Hall of fame is afforded.

Here are the criteria for other members:
a)  extraordinary participation in, or development of, athletic-related entities at Johnson & Wales University
b)  major benefactor, devotee, or contributor to the success of an athletic entity at Johnson & Wales University
c)  employee whose active participation in the athletic programs at JWU made an extraordinary positive impact upon student-athletes.

General criteria:
a)  election is based on approval by at least 70% of the committee
b)  no more than six persons shall be honored each year.
c) nominations will be considered incomplete if there is no statistical or written supporting materials for the nominee. 


Following is a list of people that are currently on the ballot and the year of their last nomination:

LAUREN BENEK, Women's Soccer (2013)
RICH  BOUVIER, Men’s Soccer (2013)
JAMES COLLINS, Men's Volleyball (2013) 
LAUREN COLLINS, Women's Soccer (2013)
KEITH DIXON, Wrestling (2013)
JOE ESPINOSA, Men's Soccer (2013)
BRIAN FERNANDES, Men's Basketball (2017)
STUART FODIMON, Men's Tennis (2014)
TODD FINN, Men's Basketball Head Coach (2016)
TODD HART, Men's Soccer (2013)
AHMED HASSAN, Men's Tennis (2013)
ERIC HEBERT, Men's Soccer (2013)
SEAN LAURO, Men's Volleyball (2015)
BETSY LOOMIS, (Sailing) (2013)
JOHN MACKAY, Baseball (2013)
MARYA MOORE, Women's Basketball (2013)
DAVE MORRIS, Administration (2013)
CHRIS MURPHY, Men's Cross Country (2013)
JESSICA OBST, Women’s Soccer (2013)
KELLY PFUNDER, Women’s Volleyball (2013)
BILLY SALTZMAN, Men's Hockey (2013)
DANIEL SIMMONS, Men's Basketball (2016)
CHRIS THUNMAN, Men's Hockey (2013)
ALBERT TREVINO, Men's Volleyball (2013)
CHRIS THUNMAN, Men's Hockey (2013)

Team Nominations:
Men's Tennis 2008 GNAC Champions (2014)
Men's Soccer 2003 GNAC Champions (2014)